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I use the slim kinect 360. It is connected to a usb 2.0 hub. Using the latest version of driver4vr you uploaded to the thread the other day.

When I tried yesterday, it would only allow front-facing. It basically shakes all the time. I can stop it if I set the first setting (sorry I can’t remember the name, I’m not at home) to 0.95, and that works, but then movement is really slow. Other settings are set at around 100, and 8.

I am using a Pimax. I have noticed that when I look up or down, the image tends to warp or move slightly, like if I have the steamvr menu in front of me, and look down, my head position will move up slightly, so the menu seems to move even though it should be in the same position. I wonder if that warping is some kind of conflict with the Pimax gyros. I have no idea but it seems that way. For now though I think that issue isn’t as bad as the shaking.

Could the shaking be a usb bandwidth problem? I have many devices plugged in. I did try removing them though and it didn’t seem to help. On your setup is the kinect tracking perfectly smooth? What are the best settings to use?