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Christian EidenertChristian Eidenert

Hey Greg,

Thanx for looking into this. It would be awesome to have Inertial Tracking working as opposed to the idiotic Optical Tracking that Microsoft, Sony, Oculus are forcing us to use for VR controllers. It’s expensive and annoying. A setup with the PSVR using Trinus in combination with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk is my preferred setup. I bought an Xbox One controller the other day and even with the Xbox somehow being the preferred choice for Windows 10 it is really not that great because it tends to lose contact with Bluetooth intermittently, it has no gyro built in, and because I am using built in Bluetooth in my laptop it will never output sound via the controller itself which is a pity. Honestly I am mostly interested in seated VR experience so it makes little sense to go with Kinect. However it would be awesome if we could have a great seated VR experience using the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk and even more so with the Wii jOG connected to the Nunchuk. I really hate using SteamVR because it sucks using the Xbox One Controller for that purpose. The Xbox One controller works well in Windows Mixed Reality so why can’t SteamVR make it work there as well. They want to push their Steam Controller and the Knuckles Controller which has not yet been released to the public. It is really confusing right now which controller to use on which VR Portal and which game will support which controller. I had BigScreen working with Mouse and Keyboard the other day but yesterday that wasn’t working also. The only game I am able to play now is the previous VR Mod for Alien Isolation from Nibre version 0.6.0 because there are too many issues with the latest version 0.8.0. It works well with the Xbox One Controller although I am still annoyed by the presence of that Blue Circle forced by SteamVR and I was simply too lazy to try to remove it. Oh well if you can get Wii jOG to work that would be an awesome addition to our VR experience.