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Christian EidenertChristian Eidenert

Hi Greg, first of all I just want to say I love your work and appreciate your efforts to make VR more available for everyone.

I tried the Wii Motion Plus Remote with the Nunchuk and I was able to pair it to Bluetooth on my laptop. However when I tried to set it up to run with Driver4VR the Wii Remote Motion Plus and the Nunchuk did not appear in Device Manager. I am guessing that I need to get the first gen Wii Remote and Nunchuk without Motion Plus which might work out. I was able to emulate both Keyboard and Mouse although it was not yet an enjoyable experience for me. I may try it out again at some point to see if I can tweak my setup to run better. Has anyone managed to run Driver4VR with the Wii Motion Plus Remote and Nunchuk? On a side note I would be curious if anyone has tried connecting the Wii Jog to the Nunchuk and using it in VR.

Many thanks.