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Nick SaccoNick Sacco

Okay, it looks like I’ve got positional tracking on the controllers working more or less. One of them is acting real funky, I figure I need to tweak color filters or whatever.

Now I’ve not a new problem. How do I get Driver4VR’s Kinect head tracking and PSmoveservicebridge’s controller tracking on the same page, as far as where everything is in the VR world? In the VR space I see the four PS move cameras, and they look like they’re in the right place between the four of them. The Kinect shows up as the main base, but it shows up a couple feet higher than the cameras, when it should be on the very same height as the two front cameras. It also seems that the Kinect and the two front Eyes don’t think they’re pointing in the same direction, which means that the HMD and the controllers are in different spaces. If I am facing forward, the controller is floating around above me, and to my right.