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Anthony BrunoDRAGONASH

Hi Greg. Thanks for replying!

Personally, for testing purposes, 30 min is kind of short. I was bouncing around between avatars a lot to test and re-test positioning, then the “balls” stop moving. So I had to wait to try again. I used that down time to research more 🙂

I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.
In steam VR, I am able to see the sensors for my waist and my feet. By default, the waist seemed “ok” and the feet looked fine as well. Feet on the floor, waist a little high, but not much. I have only been doing the “NEW” calibration.

In the beginning, I was leaving things as they were. I loaded up VRChat and attempted to align with multiple avatars. Some worked better than others. As I started to get used to how the software worked, I modified the feet to be below the ground and also lowered the waist a little as I noticed the balls where always at the knees of my avatars and my waste felt a bit high. Do the balls of the feet have to be directly on the floor?

Also, aligning then dead center of the avatar is tough! Very few times, I’ve gotten pretty good alignment, but I feel like my chest is busting out even then. You can tell it’s not right because there is no longer a stopping point when I put my hands on my chest. (hands go right through the chest instead of stopping in front of it)

I’ve read elsewhere that a trick to get the proper stance (model standing straight and no issues after alignment), is to start with the avatar approx 6inch or more taller than your normal height. Load in, then reduce the size down. I haven’t tried it yet.