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I had the issue before and after the update with one controller I had bought off amazon. I had grabber two different models that looked similar to Gregs. One worked the other did not. The difference was in the drivers windows 10 would load. It seems with the bluetooth controller that worked window was loading it as a keyboard. the one that wouldnt work in steamvr would be loaded by windows as a 2 axis and X button controller. You can view how windows has it loaded using the windows game controller panel. The icons in the attached devices screen is different as well. The one that works will have a keyboard an mouse icon and the one that doesnt work will only have a keyboard icon. I was able to find a replacement at my local Walmart that is loaded by Windows 10 correctly. The controller that works from Walmart is the Merkury Innovations EVO VR Controller https://www.walmart.com/ip/Merkury-Innovations-EVO-VR-Controller/176096211
they have worked great in the setup I am using with a Kinect 360 and leap motion. I am keeping the Kinect head tracking enabled and body tracking. I am using a correction angle of -180 to avoid the 100 foot head issue. I am able to realign using the move function and rotate in steam vr. I also have the issue where the leap reverses you when you try to reset in Riftcat. I either turn around and reset making my point correct when i turn back around or I use the reset in virtual desktop which always make everything correct. This Driver is great Greg. Some of the issues are issues that I have had with various set ups long before I ever tried your driver4vr. Ssome are Steam vr issues and some are Riftcat. All in all your driver has allowed me to try most everything I have downloaded for steamvr. From old stuff like The lab to the brand new Duck Season. They are not all perfect all the time but definitely playable with a little ingenuity and tinkering. I hope this info is helpful. I am in a bit of a rush as it is my day off and I just downloaded 25 of the better free VR games to try from Steam. On to the games. Have a great day everyone.