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my english is so bad sory for that i try to explain if i go on steam home all work fine i can use my keyboard and mouse to teleport on this room buttons work but not all if i go in game on any game use only vive controlers some buttons work but not all so on the more games i cant move around teleport no working games have deferent buttons deference games is not all same layout so maybe need addd manual button config from the players so if i can chance my own what the game need maybe work after that i see inside the program if i press on my right mouse the triger on my left mouse the triger preset to is like i have 1 mouse no to or if i use keyboard and mouse i pres triger on my mouse and work on the keyboard left side to like 1 i try many hours . the other probelm i have leap motion work perfect in visualiser i see my hants work perfect there aif i use this on drive4vr i chose leap motion the hand controlers in gam,e is up on my head not front on me and moves like crazy random i use windows 10 latest update piplay with pimax 4k the last version piplay i have 1 xbox360 gamepad this not working on drive4vr to same resaults on steam i see my leap motion like 2 poligon with C on the logo here some pictures from my setup https://imgur.com/a/6wEMkfj is set all like your tutorial on the red cyrcle is the games i try to test with driver4vr

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