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Aldrik Kosternonaak

hi thanks for the gread software you make Greg.

In post 2017-12-19 at 16:36 you write about a menu:
“With version 3.1 there is configuration of PS Move introduced that allows configure rotation angle and touchpad behaviour. Please find screen below”

I kan not find this menu, the only menu i get is for the other PS controllers (no light bulp but with joystick).

And other qwestion is: you write to press long the seleckt button for align orientation.
my problim is that my controllers in VR are on the floor, and not at front of my.

Please can you give my a advice for that.

my setup is: PSVR + kineckt 360 + PS move controllers. i want to have the setup kineckt with led light / ball

thanks for all your good work