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D TXcalibur

Hi Greg,

I notice that it happens frequently in two occasions:
– controllers out of KinectV1 range (i got the big POI balls so it’s better 🙂
– fast movements (i guess it exceeds the 30Hz tracking)

Sometimes, it even stay stuck at some position(longer than arms length) until i physically move the controller back to it or Driver4vr frozen and cannot be terminated (Driver4vr fps 0).

Is it possible to improve how Driver4vr error handles *tracking loss or cpu overload)? Crash recovery, restart, etc…


PS: I have to be so far away because of the narrow fov of KinectV1 (to be able to grab objects on the ground and wave my arms in the air). That means my controllers are even further down range when facing slightly away from sensor (~3m to 4m).

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