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I have used the Kinect and PSMoves with my PSVR using Driver4VR. I set the head to Kinect skeleton and the hand controllers to PSMove Service (I beleive you can also set the hand controllers to Kinect skeleton). I turned on the PSMoves on in the Driver4VR Device Manager (the interface will help you download PSMove service and pair your moves with your PC). I also assigned the PSMoves to the d4vr_left and d4vr_right virtual trackers. You do not need to track the PSmoves by the lighted ball. The kinect will track your hands for controller positional tracking and use the paired PSmoves to track controller orientation. Together they give you full 6DOF tracking of the controllers. The Kinect tracking your head gives you positional tracking for the PSVR and the PSVR itself provides the orientational/rotational tracking. Together they give you full 6 DOF of the PSVR HMD.