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Thanks for your attention.
We (combat flight simmers) have problems when we want to look back to see if there is nobody wanting to shoot us. We are seated with hand on joystick and throttle and foots on rudder, so we can roughly move as in real life, that is few. But we have a less limited Field of view (90° instead of 180°) so we need to make extra moove to “check our six”. That’s not very confortable for the neck. This is why it should be interesting to be able to add an angle to the point of view (45° ?) in both left or right direction in order to avoid to break our neck. I am using a Pimax with PsEye, so it may be done from freePie, but many simmers are using Rift, so a way to modify directlty its angle should be provided. Ideally the rotation should be triggered wen a key or a joystick button is pressed, with 2 possibilities for left or right rotation, and capacity to define the rot. angle. I try to use the existing mapping for roration, but it worked only in steamVR home.