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Michael EmmerichMCPXXL

Hi Greg
as you mentioned :look for trail was nice but the account is ok
meanwhile i reinstalled my whole computer

i think for me your tutorials are for me as a noob not exactly at all
so i do not have any cameras shown in steamvr
today i paired controller yes and could see it in steam, but :

much too slow–>reactions mostly 3 secs after pressing
controller itself not shown in steam room
the laser… when it lits up comes from the ground

so for me there are too many questions open

my setup is
pimax 4k
4 ps eye cams
2 Controller

shouldn´t i see
pimax logo
D4 Logo
two controllers
and 4 cameras

in Steam ?

also i have to start driver4vr in admin mode otherwise i am not able to fire up psmove service it just closed directly

i think that because many people do not have this i nearly to give up,
maybe i am just to old with 50+