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Hi Greg,

I’m having an issue trying to set this… I bought and installed the Driver4VR and also installed the Kinect SDK 1.8 for Xbox360 Kinect, but when starting everything I get a “Kinect error” when clicking on “Start Driver4VR”, it says that it could not get it started and asks me to check if Kinect is properly connected to USB…

I just checked and re-checked everything and it’s all connected, the Kinect also has that green flashing light blinking… but couldn’t progress from there.
I tried in all USB ports from my PC, but no success… I keep hearing the windows sound like if I were “connecting and disconnecting” the cable from the PC…

I also installed the DevKit for Kinect as instructed, but the Skeleton Basics does not work as it says that “Kinect not Found”… 🙁

Do you have any idea of what could be causing this?

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