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Damian CentkiewiczDamian Centkiewicz

Greg, I checked this and on Kinect Skeleton on head and hand tracking I have 15 FPS for kinect and 58 for Diver4VR. Usage for CPU (AMD FX-8300) it’s 20%.

For only hand trackers with colour light using PS Move (and too with Kinect Skeleton for head tracking but Kinect can’t detect my skeleton) I have 13 FPS for Driver4VR and 43 for Driver4VR. CPU 37% and I can find a PS Move. When I press “calibrate” it’s setting colour to controller but is still calibrating… Ahh, it all is working very slow.

I still waitng for colour tracking because Kinect loosing hands when are close to self. Also I have trouble with left hand…