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@BCRS Having the Kinect behind you is a great idea. Actually, I would recommend that kind of setup for VR in most cases when possible. That is, to have the TV/monitor/desk/PC and in this case, a Kinect mounted on the display, to be behind you relative to what is considered “forward” in VR space.

Most of the VR experiences I’ve encountered generally have you interacting and moving in a forward direction. Having all of that expensive and painful to smack equipment in front of you where you can’t see and are flailing your arms around is potentially a recipe for disaster. In my space, I have soft couch cushions in front of me so if I get too immersed and start smacking things in the real world, it’s most likely going to be something soft and not expensive. This is also why I try to keep myself facing “forward” in VR space.

This is a situation where having a Kinect behind you would be ideal. You’re trying to stay facing forward in VR space anyway, so it would be fairly rare to end up in a position where the Kinect isn’t providing optimal tracking assistance.