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Tristen WhiteakerTristen Whiteaker

I know I’m necro-ing this thread, but I’d like to confirm that RE-ENABLING THE MICROPHONE COMPONENT WORKED!

Holy crap, you have no idea how much I’ve gone through, how much fixing and bypassing I did to try to make my Kinect work, because It would shut off and on every time any sort of software attempted to wake and use the Kinect.

First thing I tried was snip 2 motherboard connected wires from the fan to the motherboard, so it would bypass the heat activation and use the fan at full power constantly. It didnt do anything for me.

But then, after many many times of trying and trying to get this thing to work, I saw this post. I was skeptical, but I saw that I had disabled the microphone on the Kinect in my Recording Devices. I just enabled it and tested the Verifier, and it worked! No shutting off, nothing!

Hope this helps anyone else encountering the problem. Thanks for this thread, guys.