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This works fine for head tracking with the psmoveservice, in my experience. camera placement of 8 foot deep by 9 foot wide by 8 foot high. I use 6 psmove cameras, 4 in each corner, and 2 ontop of my tv. the Kinect one is also ontop of my tv. the tv with 2 of the cameras and the Kinect are ahead of the front 2 cameras in the corners by about 4 feet, so the Kinect camera is able to cover my whole play area at a distance. It works pretty flawlessly. A little better than my pingpong ball tracker on my headset through psmoveservice.

I setup my living room specifically with the vr in mind. The Kinect will track me all the way back on the couch just fine at 14 feet away. I have my play area set to an arear that is 2.8 meters by 2.2 meters, from just under the front corner cameras to the front line of the couch against the wall. I’ve put a lot of time into this outside my job, haha. If you get it tracking better with the pingpong ball, that would be awesome. I Imagine it will be pretty much 100% flawless. Thank you for your hard work in this. It’s pretty awesome.
My psmove and kinect positions
The HMD tracker ball

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