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To add to this, I have been experiencing the same problem with PS Move Service. I was suffering from the elliptical orbit issue in PS Move, so I applied the following fix in steamvr.vrsettings:

   "psmove_settings" : {
      "disable_alignment_gesture" : true,
      "psmove_extend_y" : 0.20000000298023224,
      "psmove_extend_z" : 0

While this fixes the elliptical orbit issue, it introduces a second one where Driver4VR moves the position of the head way behind the play zone. See picture (Capture.jpg) for example, where the controllers are being tracked perfectly in the chaperone, but head is outside. Without the elliptical orbit fix, everything works fine.

A suitable fix was mentioned by cretkensigh here, where he mentioned adding an option to apply head offset in X,Y and Z relative to play area or controller.

I have no idea why this occurs in the first place, but it has something to do with the removal of calibration of head and controllers within PS move service. This shouldn’t be the case though as controller offset positions via “psmove_extend_y” and “psmove_extend_y” are clearly defined. There is definitely some error in reporting of head position to Steam VR, that follows after applying elliptical orbit fix or as others have reported. This whole situation completely renders D4VR unusable.

On the positive side, everything from my controllers to head are being tracked perfectly. Once this head positioning is sorted out, it will be a good Vive substitute.

EDIT: Also another thing I’d like to add is that when Steam VR is run with D4VR off, the PS move controllers track pretty well. When I turn D4VR back on, the above position problem arises. When I turn it off again, the position problem disappears, but then one of my PS move controllers turns into a head tracker. The problem could be that when D4VR starts, it creates a new virtual head tracker controller that doesn’t properly define position of head in relation to controllers.

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