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Oh, I saw it had some problems with orientation, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. He did say it was just a quick attempt, so maybe it’ll get better, or it’ll be enough info for you to be able to finish your project. I imagine these controllers with leap motion or psmove services tracking ball on a strap like vive knuckles controller will be THE Vive/Oculus alternative for people who can’t afford the $100 apiece replacement controllers.

$40 for 2 gear VR controllers
$10-70 for Riftcat/Cardboard (I know only 60fps but good enough to start)
$100 for PSMove Setup (ps eye cameras, cables, hub)
altogether about $160 for almost everything but the pc (i’d purchased a dell poweredge 2950 gen 3 with 2 3.16Ghz quadcores and 8gb ram for $125, just need to buy the gpu im saving up and my WHOLE bill of sale will be ~$500 instead of just $500 for the headset and peripherals)

Note: i’m aware that this setup is restricted to 60fps and likely won’t be outputing 2k/4k, but im a minimalist so its fine for me, but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, don’t expect 90fps 4k antialiasing or anything high end