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Force GsixtyForce Gsixty

Will there ever be responses or solutions here on this board seems kinda dead?
I use the cheapest solution for Motion controls available…
And would 100% buy Driver4VR but only untill i get it 100% working

currently this is my setup:
Kinect V1 360 on Windows10x64bit (works fine and tested various ways)
HMD is via iPhoneX with iVRy app+driver (works perfect!)

only issues are with my WiiMotion+ controller (i actually have 2 black original WiiMotion with both PLUS extensions and both Nunchucks, of course currently just focusing on trying to get 1complete set to work for Player1)

Almost everything is perfect except both virtual VR controllers (aka in orientation with the Nunchuck (left) and WiiMote+ (right) are facing 90degrees to the right, if I could turn them 90degrees to the left would be awesome!