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Benji BearBenjiBearBBF

Hi Greg, Do you mean using PS Eye to track coloured balls on PS move wands?
If I use Kinect for body tracking is it OK to have the room a little dark?

I have Razer Hydra controllers now. They seems to be working. I am expecting leap motion camera soon in mail. The Razer Hydra came with a Oculus DK2 so now I have 2 goggles. The Pimax 4K and the DK2. I have some android phones and watches that might be used for tracking. Is this possible? One of my phones has a 3D camera. I had two xbox 360 cameras but I think one is not working properly. At one stage I had the Kinect 360 working with the Kinect 1.8 development kit. Should it work with 2.0 dev kit? My PC has a strong video card but motherboard etc may be a bit old. What do you think will be the best way to use what I have?