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Hi Greg,

Thank you for the explanation!

With this knowledge ive been able to reduce the lag a bit, with the same smoothness. I still notice that raw data that should be removed. The main problem is that kinect, when facing the hmd to it, read the hmd position as if it would be my shoulders. And it blinks in the Y axis as result. My head moves quicly up and down when facing the kinect (just in some positions). So i guess that any kind of filter could be do it to remove this movements. Do you plan to add this kind of filter to driver4vr?

I have tested the back postion of the kinect to my game orientation.It works nice, but when you look down and move your head down too, the kinect loose the track of your head because it doesnt see it, and it doesnt track your down movement (i play seated).

Thank you!