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Bla BlablaGreg Driver

hello. yes. i changed default parameters and reset them.
in general smoothness is how you smooth raw data. this is not best approach because in raw data there are samples that should be simply removed but now they are averaged. anyway this is simplest way to smooth position. if you want raw data as kinect gives then set smoothness to 0.

second parameter is velocity or speed I think and it is how we get forecast based on current speed. so smoothness is lagging but speed is trying to guess where it should go next and in some way compensate lag. if it is too big then it will take too much of speed factor and make your head dancing.

then last parameter tells how many samples we take to calculate speed. the longer the biggest lag.

again. those are to play with but first need make initial filter of data from sensor that will improve for shaking and we can take less smoothing.

can u also place kinect on the back to your game orientation and set parameter rotation to 180. perhaps it will work better.