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Greg we are just looking for moving mouse up down left right with the X and Y rotation but under the conditions that 1) Piplay is not running OR 2) PiPlay is running but NOT RUNNING IN PIPLAY MODE (i.e. PiPlay would have to be in VIDEO mode or what others call ‘extended’ mode).

As @guillerodriguezv pointed out we can NOT achieve this with VORPX which relies on PiPlay being in PiMax mode and we also can not use Steam for this.

There is other hardware and software besides VORPX and Steam that can handle the video SBS conversion. Think of it more simply as supporting bare bones head tracking with no other software or hardware dependencies. This would create a universal solution for playing any game you want with VR headset, regardless of outside software limitations imposed by Steam and PiPlay.

The REAL missing link here is a tool that simply controls the mouse with X Y rotation without dependency on Steam or PiPlay. This would open the door for many uses that are currently being blocked.

Is this possible? Any suggestions for other products or solutions for achieving this I really need to find one way or another to make this happen.