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Sir Chaoddity of Nowherechaoddity

Many thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this post.
Just to rule some stuff out:
– the paths seemed fine but i tried deleting steams vrpath in appdata and re-registering the paths to be sure steam wasn’t getting confused.
– i have set literally everything involved to run as admin. no dice.
– i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling wmr, steamvr, and driver4vr. I’ve done it many times in several orders.
– i have tried running them in various orders. Though it SEEMS like you have it set up so we can just run driver4vr and it should automatically run both WMR and SteamVR.
I can’t find many things on this specific error.

Oh, also- latest drivers on everything and running a fully up-to-date Windows 10. 64 bit.
If I can furnish any other useful information feel free to ask.
Any help I can get with this is super appreciated. I’ve really hit a wall on this one.