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Finally I got it working in both mode with the last 4.0 version, even if I do not have the sphere for the head in the tracking windows. I also installed the SDK to check if the kinect was working, and play a lot with global room light.
But the light bulb tracking is not usable. I had the bulb on the top of my head: when I look up/down the POV go up or down, and same effect when I look left or right, the POV shift to the left or to the right. I have the same effect in skeleton mode, but bearable because very slight.
I had this problem with OSVR fusion, and sovled it by adding the Z and X offset between the bulb and the center of rotation of head. Could it be possible to have something like that for head tracking with kinect / bulb ?
By the way, I wonder why I do not have a so pronounced effect with PSMOVE bulb head tracking and driver4VR.

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