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Thanks for your reply. What you’re mentioning is definitely drifting with the Joycons. I’ve gotten quite used to resetting them, but have to admit I’d rather replace them with something different as this is really an unwanted side effect hindering the whole VR experience.

Do you perhaps have any suggestions for a different controller that I can look at? What is one of the most ideal fail proof hardware setups for having a good experience with Driver4VR and dyi VR? I’ve contemplated one of the WMR kits but it still seems a hell of a lot more expensive than my current investment due to the fact that I had most of the items.

The room I have set this up in is actually my study. It is a room of around 4.5m x 4.5/5m, however I have builtin cupboards on the one wall, working desks along 2 of the others and a couch which is a bit of a mission to remove from the room along the last wall in front of the window. I went through the effort to measure the playable area. Given around 70cm from the Kinect 360 itsself, I have a maximum playing area of around 2.2m (wide) x 2.7m (long) area before bumping into something. What is the minimum recommended area to make this feasibly workable/enjoyable?

I’m assuming a lot of my positioning issues arise from Kinect related issues? It seems as if the headset often drifts off in orientation as well, and I end up having to re-calibrate just to try and get a “half” working attempt at VR.

On a side note, is arm travel distance at all configurable?