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So there’s probably two things you’re dealing with. I’ve also used the Switch controllers, and they work decently enough with the Leap Motion as you have set up, except they do tend to drift and point the wrong direction, and pretty quickly two, within a couple minutes. You reset by holding the camera/menu buttons (for left and right joycon respectively). The SteamVR menu will pop up, just keep holding and they will recenter. Sort of annoying, but it works. Hopefully there can be some type of auto-correction for that drift in the future.

The other side is the Kinect 360, and unfortunately I’m going to guess that you just don’t have a big enough room for moving around comfortably. I say that because the Kinect 360 set up guide suggests you stand back at least 6 feet from the Kinect sensor, and that seems to be about your back wall. I find that even though there’s an option for seated Kinect skeleton tracking, and it works ok, it’s sort of janky because I’m not far back enough and the Kinect tracking is rather jumpy. It seems to do better the further you stand back and when it can track your entire body.