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John Billsjables

My connection with the wii remotes did totally smoothed out and is much more reasonable now, as soon as I tried an external dongle (asus >$10USD btw!). Wii remotes seem pretty usable now and any jitter is more from the Kinect than anything. On that note, the Kinect 360 has to be pretty far away to get my full body – I hear the Kinect One w/ a wider field of view can be closer and is a bit higher resolution, but it’s not cheap like the 360 one is.

I picked up a pair of the older style (ps3) ps moves and will see if those can improve the experience when I’m using tVR instead of a headset like I’m trying to do. It’d be nice to just have a setup that bypasses the Kinect for just head tracking of some kind when that’s all I really need (for some games). Maybe some sort of LED ping pong ball on a headband would be enough to return a fairly smooth head position… but I guess that would need to use either the Kinect or a PS eye, right? I’ll keep chipping away at this setup and try some ideas. Really just want it to work tightly with Beat Saber and Box VR.