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That’s what I’ve been doing, in the main window the only trackers turned on is the body, it’s set to skeleton. Then when you click calibrate the first item in the drop down list is HMD and that’s the one I calibrate.

I just tried it again but this time I put the kinect a little farther away and that seemed to help some. This time it looked like it was putting the feet on the floor, the hips were low but not by a whole lot. It still didn’t place the trackers exactly where I was standing but they weren’t as far away. In VRchat though I had to move around with the joysticks to get to the orbs and then physically walk to my avatar even though in SteamVR the trackers were almost where I was.

I also notice sometimes in calibration that if I move far enough in one direction a second smaller skeleton will move into frame, why does it do that?