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@Greg Driver

Actually, I found a bug/feature. I cannot replicate it though.

The video above shows me in VRchat, I have hip tracking and leg tracking on, but I didn’t move my legs much. As you can see, it looks much more natural to turn without your hips and legs following your head. And since we need to face the kinect anyway, I don’t see the need to rotate the hips with the head since in real life, our bodies would still be facing to the kinect and only our head will turn.

If possible, can you not simply lock the rotation/yaw of the trackers. Like have an option in the program to freeze where the trackers are facing at that moment and keep it that way.

Also, I don’t have any controllers for rotation, I’m just using kinect360 but the trackers for driver4vr are frozen for rotation. Notnsure how to replicate.

I can upload a video showing how it works right now with how the trackers follow the head, and it should show how weird it feels and looks for both VR chat and any other game.