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Algirdas KazlauskasFanTaz1986

Greg can you confirm psvr is last detour you will do and then focus on kinects ?
i agree psvr is full system, and it super good for some specific cases , but in current times used quest 1 cost less and do more then psvr
but FBT is super important now , and dual kinect is cheapest and most realistic way to have it for multiple peoples who have quest 2
quest sold over 3 mils, and have over 10 mils in summer, and you are only real option user like this have , but front tracing do not work well on quest, device who is all about moving a lot.
Like it or not you need to hurry up, VR gowning incredible fast now, so much more peoples try to cash in on it, if someone make cheap and stable dual kinect tracing app, person like this will make millions not a thousand like a year ago and i think you will like to have money for your vr side project