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John Billsjables

I’ve been playing around with it some more, I was thinking if I override with the yaw from Kinect, and just use the WMR controllers for rotation, it might work.
But I can’t seem to get the display right. If I launch with tVR as the headset, then Steam doesn’t recognize the WMR controllers. But obviously if I launch without tVR, the controllers are fine but I’d have to use the HMD.
I wonder if there’d be a way to pass through the controller tracking but not use the headset so I could replace that with tVR? It seems like the tracking is still active from Windows Mixed Reality Portal, even when I’m using tVR with Steam. If we could add the WMR controller stream to the list of configurable controllers, it would be great if we could tap into the controller tracking and use the controllers even when not using the headset. Seems like all of the ingredients are there to do this, just would need wired up.