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Greg i found this comment of yours in a talk about drift , if im correct:

Yes. calibration drift is caused by headset. i am thinking all the time how this can be solved but realistically I am not able to determine difference between head rotation and drift.
There are 2 possible options for this:
1. Perhaps Kinect One (not sure if 360) will look at head orientation and make correction. I am bit afraid of it as it might be not reliable and result will be worse overall.
2. You will have extra controller on your head that will be drift-free. This can be for example daydream. Perhaps PS Move but I am not sure how well it would work.


about that last option you said , i already use a ps move on my head for positional tracking , would it be too hard to compare rotation to values of head ps move rotation and have an optimal non drifted image? using the ps move for both position and rotation is a no though because when we do that the image will be horribly jittery i think , makes up for a bad vr experience

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