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John Billsjables

fairly new user here, but I was able to get decent results with a wii remote based setup.

Just the bare remotes was jittery as hell and pretty terrible. Adding the motion plus attachment helped – seemed to smooth things. Adding the kinect for tracking and then using the wii remotes just for rotation (or you can play with the other overwrite settings) moved it up into the passable category. Beat saber gets pretty hairy the more advanced you get, and this couldn’t handle anything more than “normal” mode I don’t think – def not expert. But if you set it to “no fail” mode and just go in chopping to have some cheap fun, it wasn’t a half bad experience. I like that I can beam it easily to our TV instead of using a headset. I might be in the minority, but if I can get away with it, I’d rather do this on a TV than a headset – just not super into the VR thing and the viewing overhead you have to put up with, unless there’s no other choice. Works well with the forward facing games.

I’m not sure how good my bluetooth is on my laptop – the wii remote jitter might be improved with an external bluetooth dongle. Also probably doesn’t help that my computer is right next to my wifi router – I think there’s probably some 2.4ghz interference but I haven’t tried turning it off and then firing up beat saber.

You see youtube videos of wii remotes with driver4vr being buttery smooth though, and I wonder if maybe some people have one of the IR bars from an old Dolphin setup, and if that helps? I’m not sure – perhaps that could improve the “passable” results I’m getting to be even better and more like what you see on some of the youtube vids.

But that said, later I picked up a cheap (~$120) Dell Visor on Ebay and was able to experience beat saber like it was “meant” to be for the first time. The tracking is great and the little haptic buzz to the controls gave it such a great feel.

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