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Force GsixtyForce Gsixty

Hi I have some experience to tell you and I will end with a question of my own! (btw i’m on Windows 10 64bit 20H2)

I first started Experimenting with Driver4VR (+ iVry) and Wiimote+ & Nunchuk couple of years ago.
It was when I received my iPhoneX and thought now is the time to take advantage of that beautiful screen…
I bought a cheap 2ndhand Xbox version1 Kinect (V1)
still had my Wii stuff since I have been using the Dolphin Emulator for years!
The using of Wii controller where still in very early stages of Driver4VR so I figured not to expect much,
to my surprise it was actually not all that bad…
problem at that time my GPU wasn’t that strong (R9 280X 3GB) and barely any VR games to test it with,
so I walked around in SteamVR HOME a few times and then gave up!

I forgot all about it… fast forward to time where I noticed a group on [censored] offering VR pirate games
Don’t want to offend anyone but I have to try out my games before I buy it, but still didn’t feel motivated to install etc.

Until very recently I received my iPhone12proMAX after my iPhoneX screen died due to a fall.
So I installed latest iVry which looked way more professional I thought, well the Driver4VR might also 🙂
Got myself a Kinect V2 with USB3 adapter thingy, downloaded SDK Kinect all worked right away no error!
Installed the latest Driver4VR selected Kinect for hand tracking enabled the Wii-controller ON
iVry is handling the HMD so I don’t use Kinect for head tracking, maybe I should do both?
(Extra info: Not using body tracking since I’m laying down on a electric adjustable sofa)

I started trying out Halflife Alyx, damn it looked fine (even with my mediocre 1660ti)
but obviously the Nunchuk lacks the amount of buttons, I just couldn’t get used to it!
almost deciding to give up again and not buy the game…
Suddenly it struck me, I have a 2nd WiiMote+ what if I connected both but not use the nunchuck’s?
at first I left them connected and assigned 1 WiiMotion+ to Left and the other WiiMotion+ assign to Right
then I simply disconnected the nunchuks, meaning no more cables at all
this really worked a lot better in terms of accurate motions!

My biggest problem is that the Kinect is still forced to do the hand tracking for spacial movement…
UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT but even more important FORWARD BACKWARD!
since I’m now using 2 WiiMotion+ with both their own SENSOR in the tip, looking at the same InfraRed Sensorbar
could this work better then my jittery KinectV2? or perhaps combined?