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Lukasz JedrzejowskiLJ

I don’t know what exactly solved the problem, but:
– I’ve uninstalled driver4vr completely, also made sure, that the directory was program files was gone.
– I’ve downloaded and used driver4vr
– I’ve made sure, that only 1 kinect SDK and only 1 kinect runtime are installed at the same time, starting with v2.0.1409 and then even updating the kinect device driver in the windows driver manager window, so it worked even with the v2.2 runtime.
– I realized, that the kinect one did actually activate AFTER pressing “start” in driver4vr. Only then thnb buttons for kinect calibration got enabled.

Steam VR room scaling/setup and kinect settings/calibration shows me correct body tracking at the moment. Even managed to get the psmove controllers to run using the “iVRy PSMoveService Driver for SteamVR” on steam, but I think it would have worked with the psmoveservice that you driver4vr suggests. As for me, kinect one detection works now.