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Bit of a warning since I just set up PS move with bad results.

Newer batches of the ps move controllers have the magnetometer disabled so calibrating to resolve drift that causes the controller to quickly become disoriented compared to its actual orientation is not possible. I could not find a way to re-enable this.

I tried out using the PS move controllers for the orientation for both my feet anyway. I was under the impression the Kinect with Driver4vr would track the leg and foot translations in space and the foot would only rotate according to the PS move controller orientation.

Using an anime avatar, I have the same issue that others have had where the feet balls are at the knees with the hip ball at the right position. In testing, I just rotated my foot with the PS move controller attached while keeping my leg as still as possible, but found that my entire leg started moving and thus quickly drifting to awkward positions like behind my head within a couple of seconds of moving around. Due to the drift, my foot at resting position ended up as my entire leg behind my back and over my head in game. I took off the PS move controller on my other foot and moved my leg around without it and the upper leg would move but the shin and foot would stay straight

I was hoping to find a way to extend the foot balls lower to match my feet while keeping my hips in its correct position in Driver4vr but was unable to find out how to do so if it was possible. Or to find a way to just make the foot rotate instead of moving my entire leg.

In the end, I found just the skeleton tracking to be better even if the body and legs orient themselves to the facing direction of the HMD. This is mostly because the drift is so messed up without any way to calibrate to fix it like every tutorial does but none of them have a warning about the new batches of ps move controllers with the magnetometer disabled since 2016.