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Lukasz JedrzejowskiLJ

Using newest Windows 10 Version + Updates, when installing both the Kinect SDK and runtime, the program manager reports 2 runtimes:
– the first one is installed via the SDK or provided by Windows driver search, so it is at least v2.2 instead of v2.0
– the second one installed manually, matches SDK v2.0_1409

I’ve tried deinstalling the newer runtime, leaving only matching v2.0_1409 runtime and SDK, even restarted Windows in between.
Did not help. Kinect Studio Montitor was working the whole time.

I’ve also noticed, that the 3d Scan Windows app was not detecting the Kinect either, so I followed the driver update instructions via device manager:

CBGrant [MSFT] CBGrant [MSFT] New Version of the Kinect (for Xbox One) Driver and the 3D Scan app

I ended up having still the SDK v2.0_1409 but the newer Runtime v2.2_1905, for which the 3d Scan app now works and the Kinect Studio monitor works as good as before.

Sadly, still no kinect device listed in Driver4VR.