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Devin NAlphachicken22

Okay I figured out how I had both paired but 1 not working at a time. Basically I had multiple Bluetooth receivers and I tried switching to another one, then pairing to the controller. Unfortunately it cause Issues with it not actually being paired and making the device unremovable when using the wrong Bluetooth receiver. So this method is a no go.

I ended up buying an Asus bt-500 for the pairing process and it made it much easier compared to my Bluetooth 4.0 UGreen receiver. It was $20 at best buy so I would recommend if anyone is having difficulties with the PAIRING OF ONE CONTROLLER.

I’m still having trouble trying to pair 2 Gear VR controllers and currently don’t have any other good options. I’m mostly there to finding the IRK (Identity Resolving Key or is it the IKN?) in regedit, I just need to know where the key specifically is. I would really appreciate having the instructions on changing the IRK (Identity Resolving Key or is it IKN?) in windows registry if anyone knows it?