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Kade Markouxdeygus@gmail.com

Yeah, I have the same problem. This app helps in general but it’s very unstable mainly for that reason and that oddly my controllers keep losing connection and I have no idea why after 100’s of attempts to find a solution it’s just turned into nothing but headache after headache after headache. I am using Joycons as well and considering sending it back for either Leap Motion or PSmove for that reason. I know there’s the Recalibration button where after you start the driver it automatically tries to calibrate it or you can also click the re-calibrate but I spent an hour combing through and could not find it either. My guess is maybe the option was removed or left out of the latest version. It definitely doesn’t help that it has changed quite a bit compared to the videos found on Youtube and nothing to show what each does or for such.

There’s a video that shows Manual Calibration buttons that appear after disabling Steam’s VR Home Beta inside the Steam Settings (The YT Vid shows it appearing in D4VR after doing that) for something else so maybe it works that way, Idk, I’m too frustrated at this point to try to mess with it anymore.