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Kade Markouxdeygus@gmail.com

Yeah, other than using the Driver4VR Contact Button their staff seems almost non-existent as far as I can tell. I think primarily one guy created the program but idk.

Anyhow, with me I ran into an issue where I realized my Joycons weren’t staying connected to my PC. Does your Joycons stay connected to your pc via Bluetooth? Check your Bluetooth Settings to see if it says Connected or Paired to verify it. If it’s connected then you need to open the program, enable the Joycon Support, and Detect the Joycons so they show up in the listing to assign to the Virtual Vive Trackers.

If it’s showing up as Paired and the Joycons turn off and don’t stay Connected then you have the exact same problem that I have most likely. It’s not the Driver4VR causing this issue although it would help if they would program it similarly to bridge that connection. I am pretty sure it’s actually some weird issue with Windows Drivers that Microsoft/Third-Parties screwed up again. So if this is the case then you can try a workaround to force the connection that I found yesterday by accident. What I did is I installed BetterJoyforCemu. I then used that to force the Joycons to stay Connected to my PC. I then closed the BetterJoyforCemu Program. The Joycons should stay Connected to your PC. I am unsure if this is or will be the case for your end. After that I found I could then use it properly in Driver4VR and it would recognize them so I could assign and use them. Just pay attention to which way you have your controllers turned when calibrating them. I realized that this also affects how they appear on the VR Screen while trying to play. They don’t work perfectly but they do work decently. I also realized in a recent video the Driver4VR dev sets the Arm/Hand Tracking to 50, 35, 45, and 0 but that may vary for you.