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Kade Markouxdeygus@gmail.com

Hmmm, I am in the same boat. I bought a pair of joycons just for the motion control but have noticed that my hands and arms are completely backwards behind my character which is frustrating and the documentation here is confusing as ever. I just don’t understand how to get the hands and arms to be normalized in front of me after mucking around with it for a few hours to the point I had to give up because I wanted to throw my computer and the controllers out the window. I think I watched some 100+ videos on youtube trying to understand and find a solution. When I follow the instructions the first time I was able to get it to sync and work and move but could not use anything due to having it backwards. Then when I disconnected I couldn’t reconnect so I tried again and same issue. I am hoping it was because the controllers weren’t charged and I haven’t tried again. I too have tried BetterJoy for Cemu and noticed that syncs up almost right away. I’d like to know a good configuration for this in the joycon controller config for the driver while sitting because it still makes no sense to me.