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Ah sorry, I just noticed this.

Can you tell me how you disabled 360 pad support in Steam?
I didn’t, I just use the other controller to interact with the menu. Most games only use SteamVR controls, not xinput. For games that do (like Doom 3) I disable controller support in the game.

Did you went through the entire setup in Daley Tech’s tutorial or just the SCPTool part?
I set up Scptool and psmove service (I also have psmoves, and assigned the navi to a psmove in the psmoveservice options) but I don’t think you need that because the navi controller works even without starting psmove service.

Is the PS Navi supposed to show up as a PS Move device in device manager that can be previewed?
It should just show up as an xbox controller after the scptool is setup.

It shows up as gamepad W in Driver4VR
On mine, when it shows up as W or Blank, it works. I also have the psmove service driver for steamvr installed (I use it for another reason: you can fake an Oculus tracker with it). With or without it, it still works. I have used the navi for about 6 months now under a lot of different configs, with and without psmoveservice/steamvrbridge.

Sorry I don’t have a good answer as to why it is working for me and not for you. I will try to record something to show it does work though, maybe my steamvr log/settings will help?

Ok, you will just have to trust me, the video was a shaky mess.
Here are the steamsettings and log files anyway.

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