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D TXcalibur

So far, I have tried with or w/o using PSMoveService, with or w/o manually adding mapping in steamvr.vrsettings and it’s still not functional. It only works as a gamepad in SteamVR.

If I don’t enable it in PSMoveService in DeviceManagerConfig.json, it shows up as gamepad W in Driver4VR. Button assignment are in steamvr.vrsettings (like you guys had back in October).

If I enable it in PSMoveService, it shows up as gamepad with no ID. It works fine in PSMoveServiceConfig and in Windows Device as Xbox360 Controller.

Can you let me know those details concerning the setup you are using right now to make it work? And how do you avoid it behaving as a gamepad in SteamVR? Even without Xbox 360 controller support, it still behaves as a gamepad(Dpad and Joystick moves cursor in SteamVR menu but trigger is not available).

I want to use it for TouchPad and forward/backward move locomotion.