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Hi Greg,

Heres a video of this running for me complete with lighting issues and snapping to the world origin. I’ve tried resetting settings but I get the same result.

Lighting going haywire and roomsetup corruption

I start Driver4VR at the 2:15 mark. Before that I check the settings etc. (Note that theres still a save issue with some of the ps move options. I have to change the rotation to 180 and back again to make it commit the changes.

Once in VR I center the controllers and then I rotate right twice (and it goes the right way! woo!). Its the second rotate that causes the teleport to the origin.

Notice specifically that when the location snaps to the origin at 2:53 in the video that the steamVR mini window instantly changes to say that room vr isn’t set up. Despite it being fine moments earlier.

Once thats happened the rotation buttons dont do anything. I can however still move my head around and have it move in the game world (i.e the kinect is still tracking my position)



P.s I also found that my ps moves appeared to be displaced to the left by about 10-15cm much like Desunyan describes

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