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I’ve been doing many tests and doesn’t seem like the Kinect and WMR are interfering. However I’ve noticed the Kinect isn’t calibrating quite well. I’ve tried raising my foot to hand level and placed it right next to the controller, and there was quite a considerable distance between them (almost a thigh of distance).

Also, (this is a suggestion, not sure if it is possible to do for you) I’ve noticed the hips and feet rotate with the headset. Do you think you could eventually add an option to use the angle of the thigh+leg bones to calculate the rotation of the feet and the position of the beginning of the thighs to calculate the pelvis? I wish I could code to write for you the solution I have in mind… but in a nutshell, if it helps, my idea is grabbing the beginning of the thigh joints, draw a vector between them, and set a perpendicular vector that serves as rotation for the hip bones.