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Bla BlablaGreg Driver

honestly it all works… there are 2 body colour tracking options. but I did not wanted to inform about this since I cannot guarantee it will work properly and will not change. so did not wanted bo bother anyone…
basically there are 2 options. one is 3 controllers which I used in video and second is 2 controllers and hips are purely virtual (inverse kinematics). somehow behavior is strange 🙂
all you need to do is colour calibrate trackers (2 or 3). then make calibration like for version 3 but on the left side you need to select “Trcaker to calibrate” as a colour ball you want to use. for example hips. Then you need take colour you track as hips, put it on the top of headset and make same calibration like you did for version 3. basically holding with your hand headset and led ball.
last step is assign device in device manager if you want full rotation.

in case of questions pleaset let me know.