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Bla BlablaGreg Driver

Yes. Daydream does not have button but it has… volume up and down that can be used as trigger 🙂

Then if we have to make decision if we rely solely on Kinect to track hands or need something extra.

If we have only Kinect. it will lose tracking at many points. E.g. when you move hands close to body and also many different situations. I can improve a bit standard skeleton tracking but only to small extent.

If we get PS Move and take only (!) orienation from it but we will get position based on BULB and Kinect then we will get very realiable setup – I would say it might be killer.

Then we have another option again to use IR camera and a reflecting tape attached to controller like daydream.

If we use wii then we need to leave IR Camera clean without any tape to allow it read IR light on the Kinect to fix Yaw.

So number of things to consider. Really not sure which one is best… actually my favroite is PS Move Service to track orientaiton and kinect to track BULB and position.

First I am gonna make clean hand tracking based on Kinect + Bluetooth controller without orientation 🙂 Actually orientation is calculated based on hand position and few other factors and it surprisingly allows play few titles. This will be a most basic VR I guess.

But body tracking first 🙂