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Yeah, I am from Spain! And yes, customs can get bad. If you could get a friend who’s coming to bring it to you to save shipping, it’d be really convenient.

Regarding the headsets, yeah, people say the Dell is the most comfortable, but I’ve heard the Acer (and possibly the HP) have issues connecting. The samsung behaves a little different to the others: it includes its own headphones incorporated, and the IPD is set through hardware, not software. It is also more expensive, and I don’t think it has gone down in price like the others during the offer, and at that price you could get the Oculus, which although doesn’t have as much resolution and such a simple setup, doesn’t require win10 (I believe), and doesn’t have the tracking limitations of the WMR.

I would rather Greg to get one without refunding so he can dedicate more time to develop for it. I believe it is a great, cost-effective option and it could use some love.